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How to make fertilizer granulator in disc?

Organic-inorganic compound fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer made by using organic materials such as livestock manure and plant residues after fermentation as the main raw material and adding some chemical fertilizer.Due to the organic fertilizer,the organic-inorganic compound fertilizer has the advantages of quick effect of inorganic fertilizer,it also has the characteristics of organic fertilizer improving soil and long fertilizer efficiency.So how do you use a disc fertilizer granulator to produce organic-inorganic compound fertilizer?
Before producing,we need to be ready the raw material and fermente them sometimes,using the fermentation compost turner machine can make the raw material fermented uniformlly.When you finished the fermentation work,then put the raw material into fertilizer crusher machine to crush them until the raw material can get to the powder and using the mixer machine to mix them.Then,we can use the disc granulator to make fertilizer granulator.The disc granulator machine have three outlet and the production is also different for the different type.The machine type's choice is releated to the diameter of the fertilizer machine.Sometimes because the requirement of the moisture of the fertilizer granulator,we also use the fertilizer dryer to dry it and then cool the temperature using the drum cooler.Finally using the fertilizer screener machine in order to screen the big raw material and the powder,makig them into fertilizer granulator machine to make into granulator again. Making the quality fertilizer granulator into the packing machine to be packed.